Service –   4.25

Each time I go here the service is always on point. This place is CRAZY busy but clearly they have a reputation to uphold. Please let me tell you about the last time I went. I was in town with about 7 other ladies for a girls trip. When I have a party of more than 4, I already feel for the server. Dealing with 8 ladies who are all really particular and needy, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the waiter just quit on us. We all ordered completely different entrees so that we could all share. I specifically got the Pasta Carbonara because lets be real.. who could go wrong with a cream sauce and a poached egg? I’m not sure what happened, but they put in my order as a Pomodoro. I was fucking P I S S E D. Everyone ordered drinks, appetizers and out of all of the orders that could be messed up, it was mine. I told the server and he quickly apologized.

About 5 minutes later, the manager came over to my table to apologize, he comped a few of our appetizers and gave me some of their famous macarons. I would have just been happy if I got my correct entree within 10-15 minutes!.. which I did. They went above and beyond. Listen, places mess up more frequently than you think, and I am definitely not going to hold that against them. It’s the way they handled it which blew me away. I would have given them a 5 but I had to ask for my water to be filled and honestly, that’s a no, no for me.

Ambiance  – 4

Bottega is such a cute restaurant! I’m a lady and I like bougie and let me tell you, this fits the billl. Bottega has marble almost everything, the bakery right in front (sweet tooth alert), we’re able to see what some of the su chefs are preparing. It definitely gives a date night, late night vibe. With dim lighting and a nice cocktail, turn up that romance vibe. Fellas, bring your date here if you want dessert to go! Totally kidding…but not.. or just a night out on the town with the ladies like me! What sucks is that there is not a lot of room to wait and there will ALWAYS be a wait here. What can a girl do to not be tow to tow with randoms?

Wait  – 2.5

Having a party of 8, of course the wait was going to be long. When I heard almost 2 hours, I just about shit my pants.. but it was late and honestly, a Saturday night in LA.. driving somewhere else would probably be as long. This would be the only downfall to the restaurant. Again, I’m just honest and, I hate fucking waiting. It was well worth the wait the second I got about 5 macarons in me. Looking back, the wait wasn’t too bad with a few treats and a drink but damn… coming from Portland.. 2 hours is how long it takes for someone to get dressed, go to a restaurant, eat and take a shit after.

Food – 4.25

I’m a hard ass about how I rate my food. Although the food here is to D I E for, I do not give it a 5. Maybe it’s my thinking of there’s always something better out there, but it was pretty DAMN good. The Pizza was made in the brick oven that was actually right behind my table so it came out hot, firm with the cheese still bubbling. The Caesar Salad had just the right amount of tangy Caesar dressing… If a restaurant fucks up a Caesar, they get an automatic 0. My pasta (after I got the correct pasta) was cheesy, creamy with just the right amount of Garlic and the Macaroons. OOOOhhhh the macarons. I actually am not a Macaroon feen but these small, chewy bite size treats come in so many different flavors that there is at least one for everyone.

Overall- 4

I give this place a 4. The food, service and ambiance alone was enough to give it more than a 4 but that damn wait. For those of you who are not as impatient as I, and that’s probably 95% of the rest of the population, GO! You MUST try and decide for yourself.

Remember to Eat Rich or Die Tryin babes.